Local Area Network Parties

My friends and I all love LAN gaming, and it's nice to try and get together once a month and have a LAN party. Where, when, and who hosts changes for each event, and just how many people show up changes too, but it's always fun and worth attending. Often, smaller LAN parties are going on every weekend in addition to the general major event every four weeks or so. So if you love gaming this is a good way to see more lag-free action.

If you would be interested in gaming with us in the Austin area, please subscribe to the mailing list. Once you have joined the list, you can post about LAN parties being planned by you or someone you know, and you will always receive notice of such events every time you check your email. The list can also be used to ask for help about computer stuff in general.

In case you were wondering, the type of games we usually play are first-person shooters (FPS like Quake II or Half-Life) and real-time strategy (RTS like Starcraft or Total Annihilation). Of course suggestions for other games are always welcome.


What do I need to play?
  1. You'll need your own computer with all its peripherals (monitor, power strip, etc.). You don't need to bring printers, scanners and other non-gaming stuff.
  2. Your computer must have Win95-OSR2, Win98, or NT4 sp5 installed.
  3. Your computer must be equipped with a 10Mbs or 10/100Mbs network card, PCI preferred. The card must have an RJ45 input (also called twisted pair or ethernet). This input looks like a phone jack, but bigger. The other type of input is for coax which looks like a tv cable connector. We do not run coax networks because they are slower, less reliable, and more of a hassle.
  4. You need the game CDs for the games you plan to play. This isn't necessarily true in all cases, but please bring what you have anyway.
I want to contribute more. What should I bring? Any tips?

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